How to Get a Start on Back to School Shopping and Preparation

Getting Children Ready to Go Back to SchoolIt seems like summer has barely begun yet the back-to-school sales and hullabaloo has already started. Are you prepared for sending your children off to school, have you bought school supplies yet? There are some things to think about as you begin to buy items from the shopping list and get geared up for a new school year.

As a child I loved buying new school supplies. The zippered pencil cases, new pads of paper and fresh pencils. A new box of crayons, with fresh paper and sharp points on all those wonderful colors. Now days it’s a tad more complicated and the list isn’t so basic and simple any more. You might find the school supply list to be long, expensive and containing items that schools used to supply for our children and grandchildren. Even children in kindergarten have extensive lists that go beyond glue and fat crayons.

Before you head out to the stores, check to see if you have any of the needed supplies; it might be that you’ll have things left over from the previous school year. Make an inventory list of what you have and what the children need before you get to the store, it’ll make the trip easier.  If you’ve got one of those children who wants the newest and hottest gadget it might help to set a budget, that helps you keep things under control.

Check your local newspaper for store flyers and see where the sales are, there should be some good bargains out there.  One of the best suggestions I’ve heard was to buy in bulk, setting up a place in a storeroom or pantry to keep the extras; it will save you last minute trips for notebooks or lined paper. While you’re at it buy some duplicates to donate to the school; every year there are children from families who can’t afford the supplies, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

There are a few basics you’ll want to have on hand; a lunch box or bag is essential. Buying an insulated bag, like the ones on the Little School Snack Pack for ChildrenButterfly Kiss boutique site, will help you rest easy about food being kept safe until lunch time. Our cute little Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags come in fun colors and designs that are sure to delight and are distinctive enough to avoid getting lost or tossed out with the trash.

As you and your children prepare for school think about whether the teacher needs information from you. Are there new emergency contacts, medical issues or family changes that you should share?  Check that immunizations are up to date and your child is in good health.

You want the first day of school to be an easy transition for everyone. Make sure your child knows which school he is attending, is familiar with the school grounds and has an understanding of what to expect in his new classroom. This should make the return to school a fun experience you’ll both be looking forward to.

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