How to Choose a Unique Baby Gift

How to Choose a Unique Baby Gift  detail 1957 1957 detail little bamboo muslin baby wrap 2A new baby is a great addition to any family; it’s a time of excitement and anticipation. Giving baby gifts is as much fun as receiving them. The key is to find just the right gift, to figure out what the new parents need or might like. If you’re buying for a first child there is a wider range of unique baby gifts the family will need, second babies require new things as well you just have to dig a little to find out what.

If you’re looking for organic products our Little Bamboo line carries a full product line of bedding products for new babies. The Little Bamboo Muslin Baby Wrap is a large 46 inches square organic blanket, made of natural white bamboo fibers and designed for swaddling newborns. New babies benefit from being swaddled in the early months. It gives them a sense of comfort and helps in calming down fussy babies.

Here are several more gifts any new mom or dad might love:

  • A book of nursery rhymes or children’s poems.
  • A gift basket of baby washcloths, a hooded towel and baby products like soap, baby powder (the non-talc type) and baby lotion.
  • A nursing cover and matching burp cloths from Bebe au Lait, these sets are color-coordinated and ideal for mothers who intend to breast feed.
  • For a second baby consider a new car seat cover from one of the many choices we carry .
  • Shopping Cart Covers are fun, cute and extremely practical in protecting infants.

Helping a couple get outfitted for the new baby is fun, you get the chance to play a role in the new family. There are so many thoughts for what to buy; additional considerations might include books on breastfeeding or parenting, or maybe a first cup or baby rattle. If you’re uncertain consider giving a gift certificate from Little Butterfly Kiss.

What’s the best gift you ever received? Or gave to a new baby?

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