Easy, Nutritious, and Fun Kids Snacks

Easy, Nutritious, and Fun Kids Snacks  food 300x220Snacks!  Kids would eat all day if you let them, but they might not choose the most nutritious kinds of foods. The key is to find snacks that are good for your children without too many ‘empty’ calories.

Cheese is a wonderful food that most children like, you can buy cubed cheese or string cheese. The string cheese is fun; everyone loves pulling off the individual pieces to eat and it comes in low-fat varieties. Cubed cheese can be bought in snack packs making it a ideal choice for a quick pick-me-up. Let your child count out the pieces of cheese as you put it on the the plate.

Vegetables! Getting the required number of servings every day (5 servings of fruit and vegetables) can be a challenge. Cut carrots in ‘coins’ and pretend they’re pennies , or fix stacks using rounds of carrots and cucumbers. Make little mini-pizzas or a face with two carrots for eyes, a raisin nose, and smiling mouth of a green pepper slice. Add a few other vegetables to the plate and let them get creative.

If you want to add protein, buy sliced luncheon meat and cut it into shapes with small cookie cutters. Peanut butter on apple slices is also a good way to add protein.

The key to providing variety and nutrition for your children is to get them excited about snack time.  If you can take a few minutes to sit down with your children during this period you’ll have the opportunity to learn about their day and chat with them about all the exciting things in their lives. It’s a good bonding experience for you all.

What snacks do your children like?

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    Fun healthy snacks for kids should always be made available because these funny made snacks can attract every child. They will be more focused on the design and colors rather than it content.

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