Common Causes of Skin Rashes for Infants

Common Causes of Skin Rashes for Infants  sleeping baby 300x225

Does your baby or young toddler get skin rashes? It’s not uncommon for infants to have sensitive skin; it’s up to you, as the parent to treat delicate skin and know when to seek medical treatment.

We live in a world of fragrances and additives which may cause your infant’s sensitive skin to develop a reaction. Fortunately, the organic movement provides parents with many options to keep baby’s skin free from irritation. If you see signs of rash or irritation, look at common products you use for the baby and see if switching to a product with fewer chemical additives makes a difference.

Things Which Contribute to Skin Rashes on Infants and Toddlers

  • Flame-retardant or synthetic baby clothing
  • Baby wipes which contain fragrances or alcohol
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-bacterial soaps
  • Fabric softeners
  • Harsh household chemicals

(Source: Common Causes of Skin Rashes)

Another cause of skin rashes is overwashing.  Your baby does not need a bath every day, nor does she need to be scrubbed with soaps, and never with an adult soap. Try to use soapy water, instead of applying soap to the washcloth.  To wash a baby’s face simply use warm water and a baby washcloth.

It is important to keep babies from sitting too long in wet diapers, as wet skin can develop diaper rash.  Changing diapers more frequently, letting the baby ‘air-dry’, and using diaper rash ointment if needed, will help avoid or eliminate the irritation. Extreme heat or overdressing can also cause children to break out in a heat rash. If your baby develops dry, flaky skin use a moisturizer formulated for babies, preferably one that contains few or no artificial ingredients.

Baby bedding can be a culprit sometimes.  Avoid using scented laundry products and consider buying organic baby sheets and blankets. They have the added benefit of a chemical-free production as well as feeling soft and natural against your little one’s skin. Little Butterfly Kiss carries a full line of organic products for infants.

It’s important for you to watch skin rashes carefully. Rashes that last a long time,  look excessively red and inflamed, or begin to ooze should be examined by your pediatrician.

Are there products you’ve used for infants with sensitive skin you would recommend?

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  • Charles Roland

    Yes, wet diapers create the rash problem in baby. Experts suggest that diaper change should be frequent for keeping the baby free from rash problem. If your baby is suffering from skin problem then massage with olive oil for curing the rashes. homeremediesfinder suggest to mother that try to avoid diaper for baby at home, use diaper when child is to be taken out.
    Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

  • 3 Lac

    This is one of the commonest skin rashes in babies. When the bristling is not afflicted frequently rashes appear from ammonia which gets issued from the clay in the nappy. The adventurous occurs about the animal districts, buttocks, top thighs etc.

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