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SuperBaby: 12 Ways to Give Your Child a Head Start in the First 3 Years

SuperBaby, by Dr. Jenn Berman, a guide to help parents raise healthy babies, was released this week. The book contains practical ideas, research based and attainable for the everyday parent. ” The definitive guide to children’s mental, physical, and emotional health—and a trusted reference parents will refer to over and over again. “ What I [...]

Easy, Nutritious, and Fun Kids Snacks

Snacks!  Kids would eat all day if you let them, but they might not choose the most nutritious kinds of foods. The key is to find snacks that are good for your children without too many ‘empty’ calories. Cheese is a wonderful food that most children like, you can buy cubed cheese or string cheese. [...]

Choosing the Right Name for Your Baby

Choosing the new baby’s name can be fun and sometimes frustrating. There are so many factors to consider; gender, family tradition, personal preferences, and trends. Everybody approaches it differently, some people ask for opinions from friends and family while other couples keep the process very private. In the decision-making process there are a few factors [...]

How to Get a Start on Back to School Shopping and Preparation

It seems like summer has barely begun yet the back-to-school sales and hullabaloo has already started. Are you prepared for sending your children off to school, have you bought school supplies yet? There are some things to think about as you begin to buy items from the shopping list and get geared up for a [...]

Tips for Getting Baby to Sleep by Establishing Bedtime Routines

All of us have experienced  those nights when the baby has trouble sleeping. Excessive crying and fussing can leave parents frazzled and uncertain of what to do.  Most of the time there is no significant problem and your infant is just going through a phase. Consistency is the most important thing you can provide for [...]