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Should You Post Pictures of Your Naked Child Online?

We all have those photos from our past, embarrassing ones of us in some degree of nakedness. I recall one of me with two of my siblings in the bathtub. It was just what we did in those days, parents took pictures. Today when parents take pictures, some will post them on their blogs or [...]

Should Children Be Playing Youth Football: Safety Concerns

Football is one of the more dangerous sports played in the US and ironically, one of the most popular. The dangers of football range from bumps and bruises to life-threatening concussions and spinal injuries. This past weekend is being referred to as one of the most violent ever in football. There were numerous helmet-first hits [...]

Is Your Toddler Spending Time on the Internet?

Here on Little Butterfly Kiss we’ve posted before about the internet and social media and how, as parents and grandparents, we can help keep our children safe. As I’ve stated before I think it is important to monitor children’s activity as well as make sure they aren’t spending too much time in front of the [...]

Are Your Children Drinking Enough Water?

Our children are not drinking enough water according to a recent study, which could result in fatigue, muscle weakening, with possible cognitive deficiencies and decline in mental performance. It sounds so significant for something as simple as drinking water. According to the study, published in the October issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, [...]

How Safe is Safe Enough When It Comes to Our Children?

Parents worry, we obsess and ring our hands and lose sleep over any number of things, big and small, from the minute our child is born…or maybe even before that. We try everything we can to protect our children, but sometimes our best won’t be enough. Accidents happens, the toddler falls down, the first grader [...]