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How to Show Your Children Love All Year

Valentine’s Day is only once a year and we’re geared to think of it as a romantic day. How about using this season of love and affection to find new ways to show your family love all year around. There’s no reason to save all that love up for one day a year. We love [...]

Common Causes of Skin Rashes for Infants

Does your baby or young toddler get skin rashes? It’s not uncommon for infants to have sensitive skin; it’s up to you, as the parent to treat delicate skin and know when to seek medical treatment. We live in a world of fragrances and additives which may cause your infant’s sensitive skin to develop a [...]

And Baby Makes Three; Living Happily Ever After

Bringing home a new baby is one of those life events that can turn a happily functioning home upside down.  Schedules shift, baby is the main focus, and it’s a 24 hour a day job 365 days a year. Or so it can seem.  Many couples experience the challenges of going from a couple to [...]

Should You Post Pictures of Your Naked Child Online?

We all have those photos from our past, embarrassing ones of us in some degree of nakedness. I recall one of me with two of my siblings in the bathtub. It was just what we did in those days, parents took pictures. Today when parents take pictures, some will post them on their blogs or [...]

Have You Told Your Child “I Love You ” Today?

Words can be a powerful tool in shaping your child’s sense of self as well as their language, behavior and  attitude towards life. It’s daunting to think about how much control we have over our children, but it is true. As infants and toddlers parents may be the only people children interact with, the only [...]